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Welcome to Yarrawa Estate

We chose to nestle our vineyard between the rugged escarpments of Kangaroo Valley for the temperate climate and rich volcanic soil which provides an ideal environment for viticulture. 

Come sit down with us. 

Taste our wines. 

Try our seasonal fruits, nuts and preserves.

All grown here at Yarrawa Estate.​​​

Sue & Mark Foster

Silver and Bronze Medals

Susan and Mark Francis Foster established Yarrawa Estate in 1998, planting a wide variety of trees, table grapes and 2.5ha of verdelho, chardonnay, chambourcin, merlot and cabernet sauvignon. The hillside vineyard has views across the Kangaroo Valley, with the Kangaroo River directly below. Finger board directions up the hill point the way for the first-time visitor. Yarrawa Estate has had good success at local wine shows.

James Halliday

Strangers momentarily become relatives

The winding pathway to the remote Yarrawa Estate is not an easy one to follow, but you'll be pleasantly surprised as the path opens to this lakeside vineyard. If the golden retrievers and frolicking children remind you of a visit to your family country home, well, it should — the cellar door is quite literally set in the Foster family dining room, where strangers momentarily become relatives. Apart from the incredible wine, they also offer a range of nuts, jams and pickles made from homegrown produce. Be sure to taste their homemade walnut liquor wine, a combination of both passions.

Concrete Playground
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